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February 15 2009


Awk, Nawk and GNU Awk Cheat Sheet - good coders code, great reuse

This cheat sheet contains: * Predefined Variable Summary, which lists all the predefined variables and which awk versions (original awk, nawk or gawk) have it built in, * GNU awk’s command line argument summary, * I/O statements, * Numeric functions, * Bit manipulation functions, * I18N (internatiolization) functions, * String functions, and finally, * Time functions.

Sed - UNIX Stream Editor - Cheat Sheet - good coders code, great reuse

This sed cheat sheet contains: * command line summary * command description, if they take single address or pattern, or a range of addresses, and what they modify (input stream, output stream, pattern space or hold buffer) * command line argument summary * extensions * short summary of adderss range format
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