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November 15 2012


Look, it's 2012!

So… since my last blogpost, among other things,

  • we bought a lot of new furniture and home appliances (February/March)
  • we moved into a wonderful new apartment in Obertshausen and therefore finally left the student flat we lived in over the last eight years (March/April)
  • we bought a Roomba 780 that now keeps that wonderful apartment dust-free (April)
  • we bought a new dedicated NAS (Synology DS212+) that also doubles as a mumble server from time to time (April)
  • we bought a new HTPC (Zotac ID41) for the living room – we now actually have one! (April)
  • we bought a pizza stone and made some awesome pizza on it (May, June, …)
  • we bought Descent 2nd edition and started painting the miniatures (July or August?)
  • we did a trip with a rented mobile home down to italy (August)
  • we had an awesome housewarming party with our friends (for which even splitbrain and Kaddi took on the long voyage from Berlin to attend – awesome =) ) (September)
  • we extended our NERF blaster arsenal (September)
  • we installed a network-enabled control system thingy for the apartment's radiators (October)

and last but not least, I ordered a 3d printer laster week, an Ultimaker, and it's likely that this will be a new topic to blog about, which is why I'm now finally getting my arse up to write something here again ;-)

PS: More that happened can be found on G+, which is were I seem to be the most active these days…

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