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"Dwarf Fortress"

After long silence, finally an update, albeit a tiny one I gotta admit (the motivational low sadly is still going strong *sigh*). I'm currently once again hooked on reading Let's Plays of "Dwarf Fortress" games.

“Dwarf Fortress” (or DF) is a quite complex fantasy roguelike/building game. In its most common game mode you play overseer over a fledgling fortress established by a small group of dwarves somewhere in a vast generated world (including a generated complex world history). You have to make sure to keep the dwarves alive, happy and well-fed, have to fend off whatever you encounter in the environment around your fortress (or below it…) and be careful not to dig too deep. All this in an ASCII-only interface (there are some graphical tilesets available though).

I've now tried my hand a couple of times at it but failed horribly. That didn't stop me from making my way reading through several playthroughs which in themselves are bloody hilarious and impressive and which I want to share with you (at least my personal favourites so far) in case you happen to have some free time on your hands:

  • Boatmurdered – the most famous of all DF LPs I think. Elephants of Doom!
  • Headshoots – with skeletal mountain goats!
  • Syrupleaf – arctic wastes, demonic spawn and sand raiders (yes, sand raiders… in arctic wastes)

What makes even reading through so bloody entertaining is the amount of weird stuff happening thanks to the complex game mechanics. Dwarfs throwing tantrums, falling in love with their spider-silk-coats, drama, loss, success, magma channels getting completely out of control, mocking undead, … the list seems to be endless, and I really wished I was able to get into the game itself instead of just reading the stories of other people playing it – but that's better than nothing I guess ;-)

Scene from "Boatmurdered"
DF screenshot, part of “Boatmurdered”

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