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Scala for Java Refugees

You’ve tried looking on the Scala website, but what you found stopped you in your tracks.  Everything’s so…functional.  Lamdas, high-order functions, immutable state, recursion out the wazoo.  Suddenly things are looking less promising. Have no fear, ye refugee of Java EE grid iron, all is not lost.  True, Scala is a functional language, but it’s also imperative and highly object oriented.  What does this mean?  It means that you don’t have to write code with the sole purpose of pleasing Haskell Curry.  You can write code that you can actually read a week from now.  You may even be able to show this code to your Java-loving coworkers and they just might understand it.  You don’t have to curry every function and avoid loops at all costs.  You can write your Java applications in Scala.  You just need the right introduction.
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