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I'm hooked. I really am.

The last couple of days I've been sitting at home1), doing little else but playing the everliving cr*p out of this little indiegame called "Terraria" that was released like 10 days ago on Steam.

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It's an exploration/survival/building kinda game, allowing you to explore a randomly generated world including different biomes such as forests, deserts, oceans and such, but also deep cave systems leading down to “hell”. Of course, you are not alone in this world and are constantly fending off different kinds of enemies inhabiting the biomes (Slimes, Zombies, Skeletons, …). If that sounds like Minecraft2) to your ears: Yes, there is a strong resemblance. However, Terraria adds a couple of real ingame goals in the form of bosses to defeat and in game events like Blood Moon, Goblin Invasions or falling meteorites. Besides that, I'm happy to have something like 2d Minecraft, as sadly the original triggers my motion sickness pretty hard.

So I already built a stone castle thingy:

My current base of operations
Click to enlarge.

As you can see, I've got a mushroom farm in my cellar, a little well/pool thingie and portcullis made from sand for my outer doors in case of the occasional Blood Moon (where Zombies can open doors and therefore invade my house and slaughter my NPCs).

Speaking of NPCs, I already got a couple of them to move in (a merchant, a nurse and a demolitionist and of course also the obnoxious guide3)) which provide me with different services (e.g. buying and selling items from the merchant).

Below the house is the entrace to a quite complex tunnel system where I go to explore and gather ores and such. I've just hit the -800 feet mark there and encountered my first spots of lava4). Sometimes, I also accidentally trigger waterfalls:

Additionally to my single player map, I'm also playing on a small multiplayer world together with a couple of friends. We just stole a couple of books from the Dungeon and died a horrible death when trying to defeat the first boss.

So, anyway, I can only give a full hearted recommendation for this game. It cost me 10€ and already provided me with more than a day of constant entertainment. If you happen to like sandbox environments and building your own stuff, give it a try ;-)

1) unplanned vacation due to a shifted project start at work
2) if you don't know what Minecraft is, you must have been living under a rock for the last year or not be interested in video games very much – anyway, read up on it here
3) who has finally stopped opening my doors at night to the invading zombie hordes after he settled in a room
4) and also created some obsidian which I sadly can't mine yet with my golden pickaxe
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